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Kempix was founded in 2019 with the goal of making high-quality live production accessible to everyone.

Based out of Bismarck, North Dakota (but traveling all over North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota), we believe the art of live video production should be seamless for your video production.

As a premier destination for cutting-edge live streaming, event production, broadcasting, and equipment rentals, we take pride in transforming your vision into captivating and  reality.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to elevating your content and events to new heights, employing state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions. Whether you’re looking to broadcast a live concert, stream a corporate event, or rent audio or video equipment for a production, we are your trusted partner in delivering unparalleled quality and reliability. At Kempix, we aim to bring every moment to life with precision and excellence.

(We love to help both big, and small organizations)

See for yourself!

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Event planning can be stressful.

Which is why we focus on being easy and fun to work with!

(We’ll even dress up to the theme of your event!)

Experience superior image quality at any distance with our state-of-the-art large-format cameras and lenses, ensuring crystal-clear visuals even in low-light conditions.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional audio setups, as our fully digital sound kit delivers both reliability, and simplicity.

At Kempix, we redefine standards, providing you with unparalleled visual and auditory excellence for an immersive and seamless experience.

So … who is this ‘we’ that we keep mentioning? E38lanx 5p80tggob Img 1113 T2w4f0cjy U2w9225h7 5b9b0a932007 512

Adam Kempenich

(He’s the founder—and yes, that’s where the name Kempix comes from!)

Adam started his video production career in Minnesota, before attending NDSU for, among other studies, broadcast journalism. He even ran the TV station on campus for a year, before graduating. Despite not living there at present, he’s still involved in live video production in central Minnesota.

Now, over ten years later, Adam works full-time at Threefold, producing high-end commercial video content with an unstoppable team of do-gooders. 

He still works with companies like ESPN, CBS, NBC, among others, when called into action. 

Adam started Kempix as he saw a growing demand for high-quality, accessible live production for events across the Midwest.

(There are a few others, too! They’re still ironing out their bios)

But wait, what kind of gear can I rent?

Our scalable production setup lets us pivot to be ready for small and large setups.

At a glance, our kit features:


  • 6x 15″ Powered Speakers 
  • 2x 12″ Powered Speakers 
  • 2x Powered Subwoofers 
  • Dante-based routing
  • Behringer x32 Producer Mixer
  • 2x Shure Wireless handheld microphones
  • 2x Shure Wireless lavalier microphones 
  • 2x Throwable microphones (lots of fun for Q&A)
  • 2x Dante Stage boxes (Yamaha TIO-1608D, Allen & Heath DT168)
  • Plenty of cables & adapters
  • Sports announcer boxes & Headsets
  • Shotgun Microphones & Boom Poles
  • Microphone Stands


  • Dante-based intercoms
  • NDI-based video workflow
  • Vizrt Tricaster 2 Elite
  • One-cable runs for all cameras via Ethernet or Fiber
  • Full-HD Camera Setup
  • 4x PTZ Cameras (one with AI tracking)
  • 2x Dedicated PTZ Controllers
  • Instant Replay (Vizrt 3Play 2)
  • Animated Graphics Playout (NewBlue Titler)
  • (We also have LiveText if that’s your speed)
  •  4x Projectors (10,000 Lumens to 7,000 Lumens)
  • Telestration
  • 1: 55x Box Lens (with built-in doubler)
  • 1: 25x Box Lens (with built-in doubler)
  • 5x Full-HD ENG Cameras

Grip, Electric & Lighting

  • 6’x8′ Production Trailer (Heat + AC Seasonally)
  • Plenty of Pipe & Drape
  • 10lb & 25lb sandbags
  • C-Stands & Light Stands
  • Gaff tape & scratch tape
  • Gloves & safety gear 
  • 10′ Projection Screen
  • Podium (Can have an animated screen on the front of it, if you’d like)
  • Stingers and threefers galore 
  • Portable trash bins
  • Everything is organized in milk crates
  • 2x Rolling carts for easy transportation
  • 1x Stage cart for … transporting more stuff?
  • 32x RGB Par Lights
  • 120w LED Bi-Color Light 

For a full list of our gear, reach out!

Ready to get started? Send us a message!